Peace in Jerusalem , Painted in 1983

I painted this work in 1983,during my military service,which is a duty in my country ,Israel.I'm a self - taught artist...And this work was done before my design studies...just after finishing a very demanding high- school,where i learn mostly mathematics and science...played music and made puffed dolls as a hobby.This work,actually was never you can see,NO SIGNATURE,on it...and its my second ettampt with Oils.I believe i did not finished it only because ,i was as always in my life too BUSY...The idea in this work is that Jerusalem is the holy city to many religions .Here you can see the symbols of Judaism,of the Christianity...AND..Of the Islam..ALL weaved together to one picture......I remember myself as a child hearing my father talking of the idea of the ALL world is one NATION...ASKING..Why people need borders between countries...why can't all the people of this planet ,be ONE BIG COUNTRY ???...WHY ???.....i wish to end this little story here,with a TRUE PRAYER in my heart,for TRUE PEACE,Between all people of the world...and between ALL religions...and between ALL ARTISTS,of this site ,or anywhere else around the world.Lets be open mined...Lets be CLEVER.......Copyrights (c)Nira Dabush 88888888888888888888888888888P.S: I don't see myself as a politician...but perhaps ambassadress of MYSELF,As an artist and a person...i hope i manage to bring to some of you joy with my colours.Thanks for viewing and commenting...LOVE YOU ALL...Each of you,visitors of my ART....

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John Cappello 18 Jul 2013

LOVELY WORK very creative technique and very pleasing Art!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 27 Apr 2006

Hello Nira! This is a very profound little painting. You're a wonderful ambassadress for your country and I join with you in your prayers for peace between ALL peoples.

Vivian Allen 02 Apr 2006

A very beatuiful and meaningful painting, indeed!

stephanie atlee 30 Mar 2006

beautiful image you lovely

Dawn Bigford 29 Mar 2006

Wonderful and expressive work