Cruel Dreamz

Character copyright a roleplaying friend, picture copyright me as usual. You see, she has this thing with roses, and.... Oh, never mind.


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Draco Lupus 30 Jun 2003

Whoah, how do you do it? I love the wings, every time I try they come out looking like little feather quilts stuck on twigs. The pose is fantastic, I usually mess that up too.

Anonymous Guest (IP: ) 07 Apr 2003

EEK! Carrie, that's SO COOL! Great job!

Anonymous Guest (IP: ) 06 Apr 2003

I love it you can really draw it is a good picture of dreams thats how i amagined her only on all fours wiht out the drees, but i realy really liek it thanks!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: ) 03 Apr 2003

I love your work. You're an absolutely amazing artist. *claps wildly*