Curtain Of Rain

(c)2006 There was a day last winter which started off, in our area, in the 70's temperature range. My friends and I went to our local McDonald's Restaurant for a late breakfast. People were sitting out on the patio wearing shorts, sandles and sunglasses. I knew it was warm that morning, but this is still winter, the weather could change. But still I knew God had given us a special day. We had a great morning and I went to take Bob home, while Dan would come with me to visit Don, about 17 miles away taking the freeway. There's a ridge of mountains between us and Don. Again, I remember very well having my windows down looking up at a solid blue sky and hot temperatures. But there was large clouds far to the north, south, east and west which were dark and tall. Yet no rain had come down in our area all that previous night or morning. Dan and I are driving around a curve going into a staightaway climb over the pass ahead. When I look up and see a double rainbow arching over the two directions of the freeway and touching, clearly in meadows, on both sides of the freeway!!! IT WAS INCREDIBLE TO SEE,...AND OTHER PEOPLE WERE SEEING IT TOO. BECAUSE THERE WERE CARS PULLING OVER TO STOP and I saw many of them taking pictures! As we continued on and began to go under the rainbow,...we ran into a curtain, or wall, of dense rain,....not moving in any direction,...just staying in that spot!!! Road completely dry and blue sky sunny on one side,....dark, cold, gloomy, dense rain, coming down like cats and dogs,...on the other side. It was like going from summer to winter, here, in an instant!!! Now we had all prayed the day before for nice weather,...Bob, Dan and I,...but this was outrageously incredible! I told the signifigance of what had just happened to Dan,...which I will leave out here,...and he was jumping for joy! The rest of the day with Don we spent in cold winter conditions. Don not able to comprehend the miracle we had experienced. But, to each his own. God is not a respecter of persons, if you please Him too,...just ask for one of those days for yourself.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:


Heartrending story & art.

Lisa Hill 31 Jan 2006

love the little story that goes with this piece, your work is so detailed, great job, Lisa x

Emily Reed 31 Jan 2006

Amazing... striking!

stephanie atlee 31 Jan 2006

You must live in Washington...LOL...nice work

Cristina Marsi 31 Jan 2006

Incredible story, Gregg :)