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Dan's Village

Anuar's paintings are inspired by the visual rural experience - whether it is a whole house or a small fragment of a wall. He enjoys incidences of inadvertent beauty created by time, decay, graffiti, signs, and posters. He sees each wall as an Malay architectural palimpsest which records the people who have used them in the past. His wanderings around the rural (kampung) have led to an interest in the visual fragmentation to be found on wood hoardings around kampung sites - this has informed me artistic process. His career as graphic designer left his with a continuing interest in unusual spaces and he has done several bodies of work which focus on abandoned Malay House. To Rebranding My new Product on brand "Dan's Village"


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Feb 2008

T/shirt (item # 59817 ni memang menarik, ada warna putih tak , from wida kedah

Artist Reply: dah tiada keluaran yang lain adalgi menarik.. singgah le kat central market Dan Village depan secret recipe

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jun 2007

design memang cantik, simple & menarik! Masih ade stock lg ke? Berape harge selai... - from ismail JB

Artist Reply: stok dah tiada lagi yang lain ada... kalau ke kl singgah le kat central market kedai Dan Village banyak desing yang lain lebih menarik tq anuardan