Silver Apples of the Moon;Golden Apples of the Sun

Mandala by Sara Deutsch. Gazing into the center of a mandala instantly silences our busy mind and holds it still. Beyond that each mandala has a specific effect on our mood and state of being. I'd love to know how this one effects you.

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Terry Harris 25 Oct 2006

Very nicely done. So many interesting parts to take in, beautiful, and mystical!

Julie Hollis 28 Dec 2005

This made me really uncomfortable Sara. I felt imtimiated by it - the spheres are floating around the edge of my sight and I'm being drawn into the centre of the mandala. I love it, but I couldn't have it!!!

Rebecca Mullan 04 Nov 2005

Sara this is very very gorgous!! There's a peaceful mystical qualitity to it that makes me want to float right in along with the other spheres!! I love it !

stephanie atlee 04 Nov 2005

I love the contrasting colors in this...lady moon and lord sun invoked...very nice

Diana Hume 04 Nov 2005

I just read the other comments. It doesn't give me goose bumps or make me feel uncomfortable. Quite the opposite, I was drawn into the centre, where I was able to rest.... But wait, what are all those heads around the outside ring? Are they benevolent? ....Hmmm Great work, Sara

Artist Reply: Thanks for the feedback, Diana! I am trying to see whether responses to the mandalas are similar...whether something I see as stimulating or calming is so for most other people. You are so observant! Yes, I see the little faces. Almost every time I whirl an image around a center, there is some kind of surprise or joke. I see a lions faces, fitting because this mandala was derived from fire. They could also be drama comedy faces. I'm sure they are benevolent...