©2005 Dawn Obrecht #8 in The Zodiacs series. Her gemstones are jasper, amethyst and garnet. Her ruling planet is Uranus. Her flowers are hibiscus, orchid and pelagorium. Her colors are shocking pink, electric blue, sky blue and other flourescents.


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kristie taylor 06 Jul 2007

She is so pretty, please do scorpio next!! You do great fairies!! ;)

Artist Reply: Thanks so much Kristie!! I have Scorpio done. I'll have to see what I need to add...the series is finished. :P I'm limited since I can only upload 3 images a month... *HUGS*

Deborah Martin 18 Jan 2006

So serene and beautifully painted....gorgeous blue dress!!!

Katerina Koukiotis 14 Oct 2005

beautiful magical!!!!love her outfit!!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much Katerina!!! *HUGGLES*

Kelly Smith 13 Oct 2005

Realy nice job on those flowers! I love this one!

Artist Reply: Thanks Kelly!!! I'm getting my flower drawing/painting practicing down. ;P *HUGGLES*

Emily Reed 12 Oct 2005

So gorgeous!

Artist Reply: Thanks sooo much Emily!!! *hug*