3D Relativity

Based on the famous work of M.C. Escher. Recreated in 3D using only NURBS. Textured and modeled in Maya 6.0. Copyrights of Sergey Ivakhnenko.


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Lindsey E. Bates 10 Feb 2013

Lovely composition, the shot angle is quite interesting. I dig the multiple lights directions. Did you use the lighting relationship to bring out the areas more than others?

Darko Dautovic 12 Oct 2005

Fantastic! As a great fan of Escher (recently visited his museum in Den Haag), all I can say is - great... You know, they have a 3d virtual reality presentation of Escher's work in a museum - wonder how your work would be in a form of animation... Great job, friend!

Artist Reply: Thanks... i have been planning to animate it for a while now, but time is an always a problem. You know... thanks for the suggestion. I will look into this now