H1drellez,is one of the seasonal festivals of my country.Prophets H1z1r and 0lyas met with each other on earth.H1z1r is the symbol of spring.People pray for their peace.


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X-Chel 03 Jul 2010

Awesome, matter-transcending spirituality in this one, which infuses everything, even the wooden bird on the gentĀ“s staff! Also; there is this mystical and exhilarating feeling of spring that you have captured so well that it puts Sandro BotticelliĀ“s "Primavera" to shame, in my (not-so) humble opinion.

Pat Abbott 30 Apr 2004

Beautiful work.

Betty Schwartz 30 Apr 2004

Your work is very interesting and some of it quite beautiful. But it leaves me unsatisfied in some ways. It would help to learn something about you, your thoughts about each picture, media used, and titles that have some meaning for the common man.