Amonst the trees

I am really proud of this photoshop ^^. I was a little lazy with the trees in the back however XD. That and her ankle looks a bit too flimsy. I spent about 30 hours on this photoshop and it became corrupted about 5 min after it was done.. and the computer went haywire. norton unerase wizard managed to find one of the older saves which had a corrupted lineart part. XD Yay for easy fixes. So here it is. ^_^

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Teresa Dominici 24 Jun 2008

Wow, splendid fantasy work.

Chico Decker 13 Dec 2006

this is very cute and pretty

Victor Rolfe 18 Nov 2005

These picture never cease to amaze me! Such wonderful colors - and what an imagination you have!!

Emily Reed 23 Oct 2005

So very charming. Your work is a delight.

A penn 10 Sep 2005

wow! luv the wings!