Lost in Space

© Charlotte Anne Thomson This is a piece I completed using watercolour and brown ink for a ssepia effect. I was influenced by a mixture of 1950s and 1930s cinematic styles, retor pulp fiction novel covers and Science Fiction B-Movie styles. The characters shown are intentionally styleised renditions of Anne Darrow (Fay Wray) and Sebastian Haff (Bruce Campbells replacement Elvis in the film Bubba HoTep), this was a personal piece for a friend to whom it makes perfect sense! Check out www.pardus.at for a partial explanation!

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rob hornung 19 Jan 2008

I dig this and yes bubba Ho-tep is a classic film in my book!

tim linville 03 Nov 2005

Well done!I grew up seeing this style,stored in basements and garages.I wish they would have saved them better.Excellent example work:)

Chris Hoffman 08 Sep 2005

Wow this stands out....very original...oh and Bubba Ho Tep rules!

Artist Reply: hell yeah it does! Bruce Campbell is the man! lol Glad you like the painting, thankyou! xCharlotte

Iain Robinson 08 Sep 2005

Fantastic, Charlotte- such a cool image, and despite what you say, it has universal appeal! Love the dude face on Elvis!

Artist Reply: Thanks Iain, very kind of you! :o) xx

michelle olson 07 Sep 2005

very well done here!!!!!