Jin vs devil Jin

Characters copyright Tekken of course ~.^ Both Jins in their alternate outfit (just incase you were wondering why devil jin's wings are white. Don't ask me how he does that >.> mayhaps a LOT of spray paint) I tried a smudge effect behind them to give them a darker feel and to keep the viewers eyes on them. Unfortunately, it appears that a lot of people have interpreted them as shadows. XD My boyfriend helped me a lot with the anatomy on this. >.> Especially on the arms. Hope everyone like it :3 I may have to do more Jin pictures in the future.


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Emily Reed 23 Oct 2005

Looks like how we war with ourselves - good side and bad side - very astute thoughts behind this.

Sasha Proctor 25 Aug 2005

omg i love this pic. i alwayz had a thing for jin

Anonymous Guest (IP: 25 Aug 2005

did excellent work on the anatomy and the folds on the clothes look realistic

Danny Cottam 25 Aug 2005

nice! good action, great work on the characters, and, anything Tekken just plain rocks, mate.

Kristi Mashburn 24 Aug 2005

Super Cool !