Purgatory of the Fallen Angels

30" x 24". We all know what Purgatory is, it's where you go if you've done some bad things in life and aren't getting a free ticket into heaven. Basically, you are put on trial to find out if you are going to heaven or hell. Purgatory of the Fallen Angels (fallen angels are demons or Satan's minions) is the trial that determines your place in hell. The top part of the painting represents heaven and life (mitochondria and chromosomes) and continues down to the skulls (five "judges" of hell) and then eventually into hell itself. Jesus is standing by as you descend into the depths of hell and a written statement from the saints in heaven is symbolizing what is happening to you. The Skulls: The 5 skulls represent 5 judges from hell; they are determining your fate in hell. From left to right, here are the descriptions for the skulls and their hidden message in parenthesis: 1. Neanderthal skull of "The Old Man of La Chapelle-aux-Saints" (Gluttony). 2. Robust Home Erectus from Java (Greed). 3. Robust archaic Homo Sapien (Sloth, Lust, Wrath). 4. Side shot of a robust archaic Home Sapien (Envy). 5. Australopithecus (Pride). Of course, I have dramatically changed the appearance by adding thorns and other things. Check out the eyes on the robust archaic Home Sapien and see if you can find the hidden symbol. First sphere on the left: This is my version of "The Shroud of Turin." This depicts Jesus and symbolizes his beliefs and his love for humanity. He's bearing witness as you descend into hell. See if you can tell what used to be behind his face. Second sphere on the right: This is an ancient scroll that I wrote an original scripture on. The words are as follows: "We, the Canonized and Venerated sons of our Father, Jesus Christ, have hereby damned you to the Purgatory of the Fallen Angels. A demon of avarice will determine your fate and your place in this land of physical anguish for impenitent souls. May God have mercy on your soul." Mitochondria and Chromosomes: Mitochondrion is a micro-organism that lives within human cells. Critical for production of energy within living things, mitochondrion has its own genetic code and the ability to evolve and multiply. That's why I chose this as the "heaven" part...because it's pure energy and contains unique life that can evolve. Chromosomes undergoing division. These chromosomes are throughout the painting. The top part contains black ones and in the middle of the painting are shaded white ones. Chromosomes contain Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA), which is the blueprint of all life. The Background: The background was made using a series of different things. First I painted several hundred small squares of various different colors. Then I used the top part of an old sock to mix and create texture. Then I used a waterbed adapter to create the yellow circles. If you look close enough you can tell that around the skulls are several thousand yellow and red dots.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

judit dora 05 Aug 2008

Interesting composition, great colors.

Pat Merewether 09 May 2006

Excellent job! Very powerful.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Nov 2005

Thought provoking and well executed image

Robin Miller 27 Sep 2005

cool imagery, interesting work - captivating!

Andrew Diaz 11 Sep 2005

Wondeful colors and media.