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Artist: Sybille Sterk
Uploaded: 07/11/05
Gallery: Illustration
Subject: Fantasy/Mythical
Media: Acrylic

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by Sybille Sterk
by Sybille Sterk
by Sybille Sterk
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Lady of the Forest
(Image 29 of 184) Copyright © Sybille Sterk

Lady of the Forest, inspired by the Celtic goddess Flidais. Tradigital Artwork Copyright 2005 Sybille Sterk

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  12:54 PM  
Joanne Harvey
  My goodness Sybille!!Where have you been? I'm glad I found you! You'r art work is unique and MARVELOUS! You'r use of color is fantastic! I have gone through you'r portfolio and it is all amaizing! THIS picture...I LOVE! I'm going to put you on my watch list. Keep it up...It's all fabulous!...Joanne
  08:42 AM  
Herman Serrano
  These have such a lovley feel to them!!!
  12:44 PM  
monique cooper
  Awesome Work!!!!!!!!!!:)
  11:56 PM  
Christine brand
  Lady of the Fine Forest Foliage Green Satin Sheen, Quiet Serene, barely seen except for the light of her sleepy eyes gives a hint of her delicate disguise!!! Your work is unigue n ever so tender... n inspiring to those words are for you and your loves. Stay well n blessed n happy! CB
  07:34 PM  
Casey Catton
  Wow, what an acrylic...I though it was a digital (is so smooth). Really intense...sorta eery...yet beautiful at the same time!
  Artist Reply:   Thanks for your comment Casey. The image is digital, however I work in Painter which emulates traditional methods (in this case acrylics) and printed out you can barely tell the difference. I always put "tradigital" with the image description to let people know it's digitally created traditional work. :-)
  04:54 PM  
georgia brown
  Beautiful work Sybille!
  03:46 PM  
thea walstra
  Very lovely and well executed work Sybille
  11:38 AM  
Diana Hume
  I'm not clear if you do this with paint, or on the computer? She is a beauty!!
  Artist Reply:   Hi Diana, Thanks for your comment. I am using Corel Painter so my work is strictly speaking digital, however, Painter emulates traditional methods and does it so well that I always put the traditional method in the category. Unfortunately, there is no "tradigital" category or I'd put it in there. However, I feel that my stuff is very different from "normal" digital stuff so it doesn't fit in there.