The Bounty Hunter

A retro-future bounty hunter


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Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 Jun 2012

If you go to a shop and ask the artists if they can degsin something, they can usually do it. If not, find another shop (there are some in my town that make you pick from their books lame, right?)The place I go to has info sheets that take down your info and then leave space for them to do some rough sketches with you there .then if they get it right you can get it inked, or they call back when they have some good pics for you, and you can come in and decide which one you like, or tweak it from there until they get just what you want. I'm sure there are many places like this. The only thing is, this way I always have to tip a lot bigger than if I brought my own pictures or wanted text Otherwise if you have an artistic friend or family member that would be my preference. Mainly because my friends and family can understand better what I mean when I describe wanting Clouds like in Mulan and then a swirly thing just around the trunk of the tree LoL or whatever, if it's something hard to describe Anyway, most of these people at tattoo shops are artists, so they should have the skill to get you just what you want. (^_^) Was this answer helpful?

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Sep 2007

this is awesome, i love the 4 barelled gun

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Sep 2007

this is awesome, i love the 4 barelled gun

Buffalo Graphics Dennis Karchner 06 Dec 2003

great piece Banu--DK

Mille Drakenborg 08 Jun 2003

Cool perspective!