The Waterfall through the Trees

This is another angle of a waterfall off the coast of CA, between Big Sir and Monterey. Set back within a rain forest of sorts. This shot was taken using my Canon Rebel EOS without a tripod.. Laying on a rock on my back with foot almost in the water...


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tim linville 20 Apr 2005

Nature days are the best!Great photo,Clare!Makes me want to play hookie in the morning!

Linda Eades Blackburn 20 Apr 2005

Just beautiful!

Peter Leahy 20 Apr 2005

nice work

Renee Nemerov 20 Apr 2005

Beautiful image! Wonderful colors

stan jones 20 Apr 2005

now i would have loved to see that in your bio on this shot but looks like it was worth it i have a little trouble holding mine with a 90/300 it goes out of focus on me so i do it the easy way bring on the tripod ...all credit to you on this one Clare great shot and view