Rosette - Chrono Crusade

I don't like this very much, this is of Rosette from Chrono Crusade. The eyes are off ><; Anyways, hope you like.

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Rebecca Tan 24 May 2006

Cool work Yasmin! Just to wish you luck and keep up the great work!

Hayli harding 23 May 2006

i like teh dressie! it is pinkshe has nice hayr

Ravenus Death 14 Mar 2006

yay! you and i have the only 2 Chrono Crusade picture on artwanted. Great Job

Lilac Breeze 27 Apr 2005

Wh00t. Yay, you're getting better. Although, you still have quite a few proportional problems. ^_^ ~sweatdrop~ Sorry! Heh, Anyways, lets hop to it: Fist thing I noticed was that the head looks a little off. The eyes and nose dont seem to fit the shape of the face right. Next the arm looks a little to thin and boney, and dosnt exactly fit the shoulder. Last is the leg, which I agree looks a little rubbery.. Heh, Anyways, sorry if I sound nit-picky o_O; Hehe. I love the dress! And I'm totally jealous about the gun-thing o_O; I cant draw weapons to save my life! XD All-n-all this is a fairly nice work!

A penn 25 Apr 2005

it looks like she has a rubber leg maybe u shoud try and make the nee more pointy and less curvy