Vash - Trigun

^_^ I like this picture I did of Vash, this is my second attempt. The word 'Trigun' looks wrong don't know why it just does. ^_^ Enjoy!


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Hayli harding 23 May 2006

he has a really cool gun Yazz.... it looks realistic ish

Maggie Harp 24 Oct 2005

Dude! That's freekin awsome! HIs glasses are a bit wobbly but apart from that its amazing. You've also improved your hand tecniques

Artist Reply: ^^; I'm no good at doing circles and stuff =D Glad you like it ^_^

Maria hedblom 30 Sep 2005

washu the stampido! wey! he rocks! good work.

Laura Holbrook 11 Apr 2005

Good job on the fanart! Copying can be REALLY hard at times but you did a good job!