Looking Down at Liquid Paradise

PCH Highway between Big Sir and Monterey, CA. If you have never seen the Northern Coast of California, it is like being born. As if the world as you know it has been washed in it's seemingly unending beauty. I have traveled to many places that took my breath away, but none have moved me like this. I hope that this image helps you to see through my eye... Taken without a tripod using a zoom lense with the wind blowing cold air. I love my Canon Rebel!!!

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geri pratt 08 Apr 2005

Makes me thrilled to know this is my home. You've captured the intensity so well. Feel like I'm standing on the edge with you.

stan jones 07 Apr 2005

you caught this well by the fact of using no tripod and a zoom this is one hard shot to get you must have very steady hands stunning work

thea walstra 07 Apr 2005

Well done Clare

Joke Schotting 07 Apr 2005

Beautiful Photo Clare!!

Bluemoonshadow 07 Apr 2005

Nice waves... looks a bit like the Oregon coastlines.. lv the colour of the water..:-)