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Artist: Kay Meggison
Uploaded: 03/09/05
Gallery: Photography
Subject: Animals
Media: Photograph

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by Kay Meggison
by Kay Meggison
by Kay Meggison
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Can I go too?
(Image 9 of 16) Copyright © Kay Meggison

Our dog Dingo knows that a suitcase means someone is going away. This particular photo (unfortunately a polaroid)was shot when he grabbed one of his toys and climbed into the suitcase.

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  12:17 AM  
Christine brand
  O! he looks so sad trying to comfort himself with something while you are going to be gone?...I enjoy seeing their reactions to things... So real! Since they are not too good at deception like humans can be. That is the wonderful part of our canine companions...Thanks for sharing your moments of love...Sincerely CB
  09:15 PM  
Adam Hughes
  lol cute dog....hope you took lil fella along
  12:20 PM  
Ice Bear
  awwwww - doesn't want to be left, very cute!
  08:20 AM  
lerat andree
  That is so cute. By the way, the best airline for transporting pets is American Airlines. They are really animal friendly. So maybe Dingo knows something and think that maybe he could go on the next trip....o:) 10+ for Dingo.
  05:37 AM  
Robyn Henzel
  The look on your dog's face is priceless.
  06:11 AM  
Marilyn Servais
  oh this expression,he looks straight to the eyes ,persuasive ,i love dogs and this one's photo is alive
  06:44 AM  
tim linville
  He knows the way to Oz!Cool story,Kay!
  08:20 AM  
  he is not staying behind LOL great photo
  12:58 PM  
Reba McDonald
  Beautiful and typical.
  03:24 AM  
francis kwok peng kin
  very clever dog...
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