Touch Me

Oil, 20" x 16", 2002 This painting is a creation theory of how primates gained intelligence. Two apes are looking at a disc and they are surrounded by 2 modern wonders of the new world: Stonehenge and the Easter Island Statues. In the background is the only remaining wonder of the 7 ancient wonders of the world: the Pyramids. The disc is a representation of a Dropa Stone. The Dropa Stones were found in 1938 in the mountains of Baian-Kara-Ula which divides China and Tibet. An expedition was lead by Chi Pu Tei (Professor of Archaeology at Beijing University) into the caves of the mountains and they found 716 odd stone disks, obviously fashioned by the hand of an intelligent creature. Also found were several ancient, but neatly arranged burial sites, and in them the skeletal remains of a strange people. The disks were approximately 9 in diameter and ¾ thick. In the exact center was a perfectly round, ¾ hole, and etched in the face was fine grooves spiraling out from the center to the rim, making the disk look like some kind of primitive phonograph record. They disks date back to between 10,000 and 12,000 years old and the groove, upon further inspection, was not a groove at all, but a continuous line of strange carved hieroglyphics-writing. In 1962 another Chinese scientist was able to decode the message, a message so incredible and earth-shattering that the Prehistory Department of the Beijing Academy prohibited its translation to be published. Eventually, the message was published, and a story was told. The Dropa disks tell the story of a space probe from a distant planet that crash-landed in the Baian-Kara-Ula Mountains of the Himalayas. The occupants of the spacecraft, The Dropa, found refuge in the caves of the mountains. Despite their peaceful intentions, the Dropa were misunderstood by members of the Ham tribe who were occupying neighboring caves and who hunted down the aliens and even killed some of them. The stones go on to say how the Dropa were unable to repair their disabled spacecraft and could not return to their home planet, and so were stranded on Earth. Today, the isolated area is inhabited by two kinds of people who, in fact, call themselves the Dropa and the Han. Anthropologists have been unable to categorize either tribe into any other known race; they are neither Chinese nor Tibetan. Both tribes are of pygmy stature, adults measuring between 3 ft. 6 and 4 ft. 7 with an average height of 4 ft. 2, and body weights of 38 to 52 pounds. They are yellow-skinned with thin bodies and disproportionately large heads, corresponding to the skeletal remains found in the caves in 1938. They have sparse hair on their bodies and have large eyes that are not Asian in aspect, but have pale blue irises. With that being said, this painting is suggesting that primates gained intelligence by an alien civilization. This civilization has/had the ability to control the mind and thoughts. They "burned" their intelligence onto a disk and if anything touched it, they became intelligent too. So, these apes are looking at this disk in bewilderment with the wonders of the world in the background&envisioning what is to become. After all, the wonders of the world are the wonders of the world because we don't understand how they were made...maybe they were made by an alien civilization My version of the Dropa Stone is actually an altered version of the Staff of Ra. The hieroglyphics written on this reads as: "Touch for Intelligence" And we did.

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Leo Da 22 Aug 2006

cool art, Joe.

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Tabitha Borges 02 Aug 2005

Wow Love your work so fun of a dali style...

shaylise spriggs 12 Mar 2005


Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 09 Mar 2005

Hello Joe! This is an enigmatic and mysterious painting. The stones and statues seem to represent a sort of code. I've been reading the explanation of your painting. It's fascinating. BTW, did you hear about the pygmy type skeletons they've just discovered in Indonesia?

Artist Reply: Thanks Rusty! Why yes, yes I did hear about the "hobbit's" in Indonesia. I am currently working on a paintng about them. Check back soon!