Living With Picasso

I combined Picasso and my work in this painting.

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X-Chel 03 Jul 2010

Great combo, but your (excellent) sense of color infuses the Picasso-part of your painting with mostly your own influence, even though it maybe was meant as a homage (?) to him/his style.

Bernhard Mueller 14 May 2008

Great picture. And the title says what you had in mind.

Barbara Beck-Azar 17 Feb 2005

picasso would definitely make one tired and wilted! yet you have put life into her with hope of the light, theflowers and glow! very meaningful...

jO ANNA jARVIS 15 Feb 2005

Just viewed your portfolio...Your work is wonderful..great composition...soothing colours...I love them all!

Betty Schwartz 14 Feb 2005

Your classical style is very appealing in this age of slap/splash paintings.