Macaroni and Cheese

Oil, 20" x 16" This isn't your average box of Macaroni and Cheese; it's homemade and slightly burnt on the edges and one of my favorite foods. I almost threw this in the oven and baked it for a minute but decided against it...only because of the possible chemical contamination for future Macaroni and Cheese meals. Mac-n-Cheese...Tasty!

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cramer 08 Feb 2007

i remebmer hearing about the painting before, talking about throwing it in the oven to dry...woulda been a cool idea coulda called it, baked macaroni

Kristi Mashburn 13 Jul 2005

Yellow death ! another name for it , yummy stuff, creative image

Helen Morgan 20 Apr 2005

tHIS IS VERY interesting,..i like it

Andree Lerat 03 Jan 2005

You've always had good judgement, even as a child..........says mom.