Victoria - Unfinished

This is Victoria an un-honest vampire as it says on the picture theres a story behind this but I'll explain it when I post it up with colour on. I drew this after watching Hellsing (the first 3 eps) that my brother, Jason got me for christmas. ^__^ Thanks Jason!

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Hayli harding 23 May 2006

color it please Yazz???? pweety pweety pleaze??

Chris Garcia 28 Dec 2004

yeah, i bet it wasnt you ^ . ^

Maggie Harp 28 Dec 2004

Nice picture yaz, it would be even better with a lil colour maybe :-D (O.O merryx mas and a happy newyear )

Ryan Welsh 26 Dec 2004

I like it, I do...Good folds on the pants...Just watch out for those hands, try practicing them seperately...

Jade (Bulma) Robinson 25 Dec 2004

it's great Pan, but i'm sure it'll be better in colour!