The smell of Christmas

Morning. The beginning of the workweek. Want your weekend back? And if I say that any morning can be perfect, and it shouldn't necessarily involve the fix of coffee? Something of an oddity? Well, the fragrant smell of peeling a Mandarin orange, sleepy city covered in the blanket of snow, Christmas music on North Pole Radio, and, sure, painting, lots of painting. That's how my day started, and, along with it, how these baby Mandarin oranges were born on canvas.


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Pamela Rivera 8 days ago

wow! excellent job!!!!

Vernonette Gaddy 12 days ago

A most appetizing painting Oleksii. :)

Joanie Holliday 12 days ago


Artist Reply: Thank you os much, Joanie! :)

Maria Anna Machado 13 days ago

beautiful work...

Artist Reply: Thank you, Maria!

Michael Weber 13 days ago

Nicely done Oleksii!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Michael!