Boy and his horse

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Ginger Olansen 07 Dec 2017

Excellent drawing skills! It makes me laugh! I live near bush gardens, your picture reminds me of this Clydesdale! He is probably one of the biggest they have and a devil for sure. He goofs on everyone! This family a a small boy were having photos done with about 4 of the Clydesdales. It took awhile because of this one horse goofing on the book, pushing on his head and he would turn and ruin the photo! This time he literally had a sparkle in his eye when he looked at me and I smiled, he carefully lifted some of the boys hair, he didn't feel it and that was a good enough picture. I have seen this horse many times and adore him. He is always fooling around! Cute, and his eyes always tell you he is going to do something! Love your drawing and memories are great! Thanks. Stop by and see me.