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Today I took my auto in to be serviced. At least I 'think' they serviced it. Anyway, to while away the time, I brought a sketch pad. The time did go by faster, truly. I used a gel ink pen and this is roughly 4 by 6 inches. Yes, it's Original Jones Art originating in Austin, Texas. What else would it be? ;)

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Ginger Olansen 11 Nov 2017

First of all character is super. It's cute. And that is a great way to spend time!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Ginger! Yes, I don't like sitting and doing nothing and I certainly won't sit there staring into my phone like most do. This is actually the last of several quick drawings I made during my wait. I may scan and upload them as 'project' pics for this one since, in a way, they are.. It took several for me to 'loosen up.' ;)