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I showed a friend of mine the original Bird In The Ornament and he said he'd buy it and then added he wanted a more feminine one for his sister, with the intent of gifting the first to his brother and the second one to his sister. So I hope he likes this. It is 12 by 12 inches on gallery-wrapped canvas and an unusual example of Original Jones Art originating in Austin, Texas.

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Ginger Olansen 11 Nov 2017

Its great. Now you should get a real ornament and paint one for you for the holidays!

Artist Reply: I have a couple of small clear plastic ones I 'could' paint on but I'm thinking of finding some larger ones that open in the middle and try painting on the inside. Yeah, finding those might prove difficult. The nice thing about this one and the first 'Bird In The Ornament" is that they have both sold already. :)