Papa Murphys Pizza!

Check out this completely vegan pizza that I had the other night. Pizza with mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and black olives from Papa Murphy's. At home we added Daiya Monterey Jack cheese and sausage from Lightlife before baking it. Delicious!!! I hope that these vegan options will be given at pizza takeouts as they are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you to Publix and Lucky's for offering these. I seriously never thought that I would taste sausage again and have NO idea how Lightlife created these. I absolutely hope that more grocery chains will give the amazing options both Daiya foods, and Lightlife foods give!! They are a must for all!


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Al Budarin 09 Nov 2017

Fantastic Creations of Artistry

Cathy Holford 09 Oct 2017

Nice capture...looks yummy.

Joanie Holliday 06 Oct 2017

Looks great ,except for black olives. LOL. JUST HAD HUNGRY HOWIES. TERRIFIC.

Artist Reply: Glad that you liked it. :) I love sharing such things to create awareness and help more people who suffer from allergies gain the ability to choose, which so many non-vegans have already. Howies already offers gluten free products for it's customers who are allergic to gluten products. That's very thoughtful of them! I do hope that they will consider those who are allergic to dairy and many meats that have other products in them as well. I can't believe that you don't like black olives. I have to admit that I absolutely love them! Thanks for the comment. :)

Sharon De Vore 06 Oct 2017