Lusiu - yet another assiassin

This was a random doodle I did in English. We were taking about murderers and poets so I just drew a assiassin (Sorry if I spelt that wrong) and wrote some random quote. ^__^ Oh and Bulma don't worry my obessesion hasn't come back... it's faintly coming back, slowly. ^__________^

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Hayli harding 23 May 2006

she looks so pretty... it makes me kinda sad for her howd she get the scratches??

christopher perdue 14 Dec 2004

riight, and this lil thing kills people

Riomar Delacruz 13 Dec 2004

Happy Holidays!

Eva Rogers 13 Dec 2004

so sad so sad im giving you a ten

leanne sampson 13 Dec 2004

oh pan i liked tht obbssesion it annoyed bulma ^^