Astral Queen

- She's the Queen of a planet where they have a matriarchy. - I can't tell you why she's so angry, but this looks like a death sentence is coming soon... - Those feathers on her head come from a nearly extinct bird species. - the chain on her nose indicates that she's an aristocrat. - the tattoo on her breast indicates who she's married to. - the left-hand emblem stands for the royalty. The two violet bars stand for the power of Queen and Princess, the three spots for all the women (remember - it's a matriarchy). The signs say something like "Long live the Queen". - the right-hand emblem stands for their planet and its membership in the Council of Planets. Materials: ballpoint pen, watercolor, colored pencils and white tempera on firm paper. Hope you like it! :)


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cochelle wilson 18 Dec 2004

good job

Barbara Malczewska 14 Dec 2004

nice work :)

shaylise spriggs 13 Dec 2004

very creative these colors

christopher perdue 13 Dec 2004

lis'n all i can say is your concept was good but try a lil harder