majestic valley paradise

11x20 natures best kept secret the lost valley


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Charles Jones 08 Jul 2017

Here's my take on your progress, Lawrence. As far as originality and personal reflection, your earlier drawings/work fit the bill and then some. I"m not saying it's bad to go the Bob Ross route. These landscapes are certainly well done, BTW,. But here's a thought: incorporate some of your own feelings and ideas using these same techniques.. I think if you try that, you will be pleasantly surprised. Just my two-cents worth, Mr. Hickman. I know a painting is a different animal than a drawing and I struggle a bit in translating one to the other myself. :)

Joan Wulff 22 May 2017

Beautiful! Love the mts.!!

Brenda Loveless 21 May 2017

Beautifully painted paradise!

Joanie Holliday 21 May 2017


Sharon De Vore 21 May 2017