The fight between carnival and lent

In New Orleans they call it Mardi Gras, what here is called the Carnaval.
It comes from Italian “carnem levare” and means the taking away from the flesh.
It came up around the 11th and the 12th century where people could fill there belly. with meat and drinks before they started the abstention before the days to Easter.
The church did not agree at first and people worn masks to make them foolish.
Pieter Bruegel a famous dutch painter made a picture where he shows it around 1559.
The fight between carnival and lent
The picture was taken at the Carnaval dress up in my village.


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Al Budarin 21 Oct 2017

Fantastic Artistry

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your comment

LAURIER Marie josé 01 Mar 2017

very nice and smiling lady in her colorful fancy dress. in my island we have our carnival and MARDI GRAS too .. Great picure

Artist Reply: Carnaval is something where people express themselves and show it outside as a mask, with the beautiful colors that are popping out, just like this unknown girl, we forget what keeps us busy inside this often cruel world.

marie-claire gallet 01 Mar 2017


Artist Reply: Thank you my dear friends from France. I am sorry that I did not response earlier, but I am very busy, to make everything for the exposition at the end of April.

Joanie Holliday 28 Feb 2017


Artist Reply: Thank you Joanie. I was born in the South of Holland where this is almost normal to dress like at Carnaval. You might have heard about Maastricht where some conventions were. Here it is typical that someone work whole a year to dress this way. Today I live on the isles and because of religions this Carnaval started much later. This girl with another popped out this way.

Françoise Dénéréaz 28 Feb 2017

Wow, Ben what a wonderful , colorful and joyful image ! Great words too, it's very interesting !!! I love it !!

Artist Reply: I never had something with history in my past Françoise , but the last years it seems more important then what I ever thought. History was in the past only numbers when Wilhelm of Orange was crowned and when he died. Making history visual it makes it so much different. Last year I was invited to the movie première of Kenau. yes a real red carpet movie where I never knew about Kenau Hasselaar. But as a shipbuilder and wood trader she kept the Spanish, together with the women of Haarlem out of Holland. Strange enough this was not in our history lessons when I went to school about 50 years ago.