Something Different--

With most of my published work, the reproduction rights belong to the publisher, but I can show you a little bit of my graphic novel. It was actually published twice, once as a series, re-issued as a trade paperback. It's a dark comedy; the descendants of Mother Goose characters have their own version of the French Revolution. (Yes, the Frog Prince does croak!) Shown here are a betrothed couple and their indulgent chaperone.

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Andrey Feldshteyn 10 May 2005

This is nice and elegant drawing. A charming detail: how the leaves covers a second panel.

Meredith Dillman 14 Dec 2004

Awesome! A friend lent me the graphic novel a few years ago.

Renata Cavanaugh 01 Dec 2004

Funny! Nice work

Sarina Renee 30 Nov 2004

I just adore your style. Sounds like it was a very good book. :)

Peter Rivron 30 Nov 2004

Very creative and very artistic, great work, thanks for letting us see it.