Sabrina and Sophia's surprise

My nieces, in grandma's garden make an amazing discovery. 3 fairies dancing and singing among the flowers. I would truly love to illustrate a children's book, so if you know anyone who needs an illustrator and would like my work, let me know!! thanks *U* Fairy hugs to all my AW friends

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Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 21 Jan 2005

What pretty little fairies. Such innocence and freshness. I'll bet there's a company out there just waiting to snap up someone like you. Good Luck Kirstie.

Hisham Zrake (Zreiq) 17 Dec 2004

I like this image, great colors!

Dawn Landrum 12 Dec 2004

You have such an innocence to your work that I hope you never lose! By the way, thank you for rating and commenting on my work. And, yes, that was done from a photo of me. I just painted the mouth differently.Hey, to find work join Tell them I sent you. They send you leads each day and you get a chance to bid on jobs. I've already made money there so I feel I can suggest it.

NVJasmin Ma 06 Dec 2004

and you do fairies like no one else !!!! always so pretty

Ryan Welsh 30 Nov 2004

It's perfect! So adorable...Keep it up Kristie!!