Koi The Water Elemental

This is the last part of the elemental series of paintings including Salamander (Fire), Zephyr (Air) and Thorn (Earth). Painted in ink and watercolour. If this offends anyone i will take it down, i know this site is anti- nudity but i didnt want to leave one of the four paintings out and its natural nudity not anything erotic in my personal opinion. Anyway its one of my favourite paintings that ive ever done so i hope you like it! :o) copyright C.A.Thomson 2004

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Vincent Elliott 21 Mar 2008

Love this one too!! You have some amazing works in your portfolio.

Natalie Mason 06 Oct 2006

I can not see how this could possible offend any one Charlotte, it is so beautiful. I love the feeling of movement and the colours, and wonderful sense of movement, its GORGEOUS!!

Misty Benson 22 Feb 2005

What a unique take on the koi! I definitely need to learn watercolor!!

Jenny Iospa 15 Nov 2004

Very nice watercolor. Demands attention:)

Christy Davis 15 Nov 2004

Wow, so beautiful and delicate