Dream of 1000 Cats

This is just a little something i thought up during a semi- creative moment the other day. She started out as a halloween image, a sorceress but due to ink spillage the mask was added which im really glad happened because masks are something i now want to do more of and i love cats. I wanted a really surreal, dreamlike, almost trippy feel to think piece, let me know if you think i pulled it off! Im not sure! Shes painted in pen & ink and gold spray paint! image copyright C.A.Thomson 2004

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John Enright 27 Oct 2005

nice. I wanna see much more.

Christine brand 08 Oct 2005

love this style!

Ben DeBiase 08 Oct 2005

i think all your work is 'trippy'! almost like a japanese zen escher thing going on with the cats!

Catherine Chemerys 20 May 2005

wow-you art is very unique

Kendra Whitton 28 Mar 2005

I want this,lol. I'm in awe of you work! Thank you for providing interesting work. I'm really impressed.