Vash the Stampede for Louie

Vash the Stampede. Created as a gift for my brother, who loves this anime character (I like him, too!) Photoshop with wacom tablet; no scanned presketch, all done with the tablet (I'm trying to get my freehand lineart down) ^_^

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Manuel rodriguez 19 Mar 2008

impressive Athena,done only with the tablet you say? very impressive

Renata Cavanaugh 14 Nov 2006

Beautifully done Athena

Alexandra Davies 19 Apr 2006

Fabulous rendition of the darling Vash! He's such a cutie, and you totally did him justice!

Cori Martin 20 Apr 2005

excellent work, i love vash, he's so frikken cool ^_^

Aris Stathakis 12 Mar 2005

nice colors