From behind the Weeds

Behind the weed I’m always looking
for a world that must be kind.
I a sorry that I found none,
because some people seem so blind.

They make the wars and kill the people,
I wonder what they’ll do to me.
Like the sharks they are the killers,
where I am from that deepest sea.

We are the species that are crying,
for every loss inside this world.
That’s why I do each day my praying,
so one day It’s in heaven heard.


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John Cappello 18 Mar 2014

Beautiful Array of Fluid details, Fabulous picture with super colors and lot of Great poetry!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much John. I think it's a nice mermaid, as I also have history were they were not that friendly.

Elizabeth Lindberg 16 Mar 2014

Beautiful work Ben!!! Gorgeous!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much Elizabeth ;)

Tim Linville 14 Mar 2014

Nice Image Work!She Looks a Bit Defensive,and Dangerous,in That Defense :)

Artist Reply: I never would give a impression of defensive or attacking. If you mean that she looks careful I could manage the comment. Looking from behind the weed is meanth to careful spectators who look to the things that happen at the Krim and all over the world where a useless fight is fought.

Sharon De Vore 13 Mar 2014


Artist Reply: I like your comment a lot, because it is always the thought behind art I do. Don't we all search for our Utopia...

Kate Gallagher 13 Mar 2014

Excellent work Ben!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Kate ;)