Zombie Spock


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John Enright 01 Mar 2015

deep respect for Leonard Nemoy tonite...

Artist Reply: I agree

Chas Sinklier 18 Jan 2014

Jajajajajaja - and - hahahahahaha - - - Zombie Spock how funny is that - - recently I've been on a Zombie Jag - added a new line of ZombieFan T-shirst to my hotrodneyhotrod do tcom site - I think they're great - Ha! - - I have to share a Zombie secret with U Ted - most people wh0 see themselves as being zombie hunters - will be the zombies - hope they're not too disappointed - Ha! Anyway - live long and prosper Ted - who loves ya babe! ~:0) VivaChas! thas who!!!

Artist Reply: Cool! I've gotta check out your site!

Tim Linville 18 Jan 2014

That's Funny :) A zombie World Would Be Sweet.But,We'd have to Give Up Art.Excellent Theme Crossovers!

Artist Reply: I suppose we would. Thanks Tim!