The Vigil

This painting isn't for sale because of it's "spooky" origins. Ever heard of the old stories about owls visiting when a death is near? The day I got the first call about my father having only a short while to live, I looked up, & there was this barred owl on a tree looking right at me in broad daylight! It was there for 2 weeks as I wrestled with all those hard end-of-life choices for my dad, from 350 miles away, watching me during every phone call. When I got back from my last visit with dad, it was there one last time, then flew off, as he had died. The Vigil, in the title, is really mine, not the owl's. I have the painting hung next to a photo of my father.


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Joan Stohlman 12 Sep 2013

Great painting, Asheley

John Cappello 04 Jul 2013

So Lovely this is Very nice !

lillianhibiscus 03 Mar 2013

Sorry about your father. Beautiful story and painting.