Shower for two

A friend asked me to draw two of her characters. Well I personally don't like shônen-ai so much, but I'm happy with how this turned out :)


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Hilton Harris 22 Sep 2004

Beautiful piece. I love showers for two.

Joao Brosque 20 Sep 2004

Well done :)

Cara Dossett 19 Sep 2004

I love their expressions... looking at this makes me so happy.

joel zelikovitz 18 Sep 2004

Hi. As you can see be the new rating I just gave you I have a problem with my rating system. If I give a 10 some folks get a 12 or 13, if I give a 9, people get an 11, if I give an 8, people get a 10. So in giving you a This is a problem AW is trying to fix, but they obviously havent yet. I like your work although not as much as my children do. Regards, Joel