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This was my first collaboration with a Mexican artist. Claudia Ramirez gave me her drawing below. I took it home, scanned it into my computer and played with it for hours, excited by the hybrid between her sponteniety and my digital imagination.., I am going to offer a multicultural workshop, THE ART OF COLLABORATION, at LEMURIA CENTER, near san Miguel de Allende, on 9/29/12. YOU ARE INVITED TO A RITUAL OF CREATIVE FUSION, AN EXPERIENCE OF THE HIGHER CREATIVITY OF THE GROUP MIND. ...Explore the frontier of our collective wisdom through collage and intuitive processes involving inclusion, letting go of judgment, surrendering the ego, allowing vulnerability, and learning to trust--the same conditions that create community. They take us out of our habitual reality into a shared space of pure possibility where we directly experience the higher creativity of the group mind.


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kevin ong'any 24 Sep 2012

beautiful..innovative..good work sara..

Ruth Kauffman 15 Sep 2012

Very interesting, Sara!! I like your colors. I wish you well with your workshop!!

Stephen Donoho 15 Sep 2012


Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 15 Sep 2012

what a beautiful creation!!!!

John Cappello 14 Sep 2012