Energy = Mass at the Event Horizon

This painting is about black holes and alternate universes according the Einstein's theory of relativity: E=MC2. The center point is the singularity and the surrounding "yellow" part is the Event Horizon (the point in which light is "sucked" into a black hole). The red clouds are the photon sphere where light is sustained and is not affected by the black hole...yet. The left sphere is mass and the left ball of light is pure energy. The right sphere and ball of light are the same except the opposite and represent an alternate universe. Hence, energy = mass at the event horizon...and vice versa. I feel that this is one of my weaker pieces but I really like the concept. Oil, 18" x 14"

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Christine brand 05 Mar 2006

Excellent! I love all your work! INCREDIBLE DETAILS TOO...wOw!

tim linville 10 Oct 2005

Very visual!You could trap many concert goers with this type of art!Excellent tiny details,Joe!

Andrew Diaz 25 Aug 2005

Great piece of talent.

Andree Lerat 12 Sep 2004

Difficult concept to translate visually. I think that you did a great job. I love the energy and the feeling of time stopped.

Hilton Harris 11 Sep 2004

Very cool piece.