Nashville Nights

Nashville Tennessee city lights at Night, oil on canvas with pallet knives. This is the front cover of the book Geronimo Stone, His Music, His Love, and the Mobile of Excellent Management. ....... Nashville is our local big city. It has enormous opportunities for ministry. The lights in this painting have a special meaning to me. As the world gets darker, people are drawn to the light. During the night, the smallest light becomes more apparent. Our light has to shine in the darkness to give people an alternative to the darkness. This is the meaning of a Christian's life. it is one of the requirements in fulfilling our God-given mission and destiny! .......This painting also represents a turning point in my life. Though I always wanted to be an artist, I was told I could not make a living as an artist. So I dropped art as soon as I got my first job as an engineer. I spent the next twenty years or so working and going to graduate schools becoming a very good engineer. ......After being laid off during an economic downturn, I tried painting and writing business novels. The first book was titled "Geronimo Stone" and this painting became the cover of that book. This painting represents my rebirth as an artist and author.

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Stunning work!