NY 9/10

NY 9/10 is a 36x24 inch oil on canvas palette knife painting of New York City Lights before 9/11. The painting represents the lightning of the unexpected. I painted it as the front cover of the second Geronimo Stone book - Geronimo Stone and the Storms of Chaos. The Storms of Chaos is a business model that I developed. It represent how a company can use the metaphor of a Ship, in the middle of an ocean, during a storm to create a strategy for the future. (1) The Waves represent the opportunities and threats within trends, (2) The Lightning represents the opportunities and threats from the unexpected, (3) The Buoyancy of the water represents the opportunities and threats from everything that supports us (faith, vendors, employees’ families, etc.), (4) The Storm represents everything trying to sink us, and (5) the Ship represents what we can control. I created this model to help organizations understand and plan for the future. ................In the book Geronimo Records, a Nashville blues label, struggles to survive after the 9/11 attacks. It is a fictional story of how the family who owns the company, uses their Christian Faith and a unique business model to plan their future during a time of corporate upheaval and an uncertain future. ..............When I see this painting, I see the opportunities for Christians to be a calming influence during times of chaos.


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Anonymous Guest (IP: 29 Jul 2012

A reminder of a turning point.

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love it