The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place is a 24”X48” oil on canvas painting that is now hanging in the Nashville Tennessee Metro Police Department’s Domestic Violence Center............. During the dedication of the Nashville Metro Police Department’s Domestic Violence Center several artists were asked to create a piece of art for the building. I thought about what was calming to me as a child. I thought about how I always loved being outside in a secluded country setting. It always seemed that by being around the beauty of nature, it allowed me to feel closer to what God intended for me. The stillness allowed me to reflect on God’s messages found in nature and to concentrate on His word. I imaged a young boy or girl who might also find comfort in that. Maybe while they had to wait in the center they could daydream about being in a boat under their control, on a peaceful lake, going to places they choose. Then maybe they would fish and talk through some painful parts of their life with a friend. In the water there are a couple of bobbers and signs of fish. The bobbers represents friendship and the fish represents abundance and sustaining hope. The calm water represents peace and the boat represents your control of your life. The sky is calm, the air is cool, and the colors are bright...........

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Joan Stohlman 13 Jun 2012

Beautiful painting, Craig.

Artist Reply: Thank you Joan...