Robert Striffolino- Colorful Shoreline 27

Robert Striffolino- Colorful Shoreline 27"x 36"


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Mar 2012

, so i don't mean to insult onnaye's work. i guess i could put it this way. when people say define the meaning of life in words, one would be hard pressed to do so. when i've looked at your images in the past, it's easy to SEE the definition in the images.when i look at a few of these, especially the ones with the shadows on the wall, it's just not there. they don't make me want to stare like i normally do, and my brain doesn't transition into letting me take a long bike ride journey through the image. i'm skipping a few of the trails here and that doesn't normally happen.there are ones that take me on the journey, however, and they are primo. of course, i'm just a guy eating snacky smores and looking at a thing in a bag. what do i know?

Vernonette Gaddy 18 Mar 2012

Autumn perfection!

jaya chala 17 Mar 2012

Very beautiful painting