Since the UK smoking ban was imposed in October 2007 making it illegal to smoke in all enclosed public places, we have become aware of a certain group of ‘defiant ones’ who still fight for the right to pollute theirs and others lungs wherever they please. While I’m all for a bit of opposition against the system, I do feel indignant if I, or my young son happen to breathe in someone else’s exhaled smoke by chance. We must realise we have to share the air we breathe with millions of other folk on the planet, and the smoker’s right to smoke infringes on our right to breathe clean air. Having said that, we all feel restricted by ‘the rules’, regardless of the practice to which they refer. So speaking as a non-smoker, I support the right to smoke, so long as it’s done on the smoker’s own territory. I leave a personal footnote especially for my daughter – PLEASE GIVE UP THAT AWFUL HABIT!!! This is my composition of 2D from Gorillaz. a virtual band of cartoon characters created by Damon Albarn. Prismacolor pencils on Bristol Board extra smooth surface, 300gsm.

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