The first piece in my Phoenix Series, whereby I digitally redo some of my earlier works (giving them a face lift, as it were). This piece was originally entitled "Chance Broken" and can be found here: [ link ] I've renamed Chance and her new name is Acasca. Background: The birth of Acasca occured during The Dark Inception, a period of war between the fairy like races of Sorche, Ivory and Scuro. She was the daughter of two lovers, one Scuro and the other Ivory, who hid their affections from each of their races. In an attempt to quell the era spanning feud between the two races, The leader of the Ivories (Pashe) and his lover (Caupis) of the Scuro, announced the birth of their child. A birth which was supposed to usher in a new era of peace and unity between the races by showing that the two races could live in harmony. Peace was eventually attained, however, it was merely a momentary reprieve. Acasca's story unfolds within the world of Sorche.

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betty luna 20 Oct 2007

this is so cool,,,

P. Merewether 20 Sep 2006

This is very beautiful - I love her expression and your use of colors.

Christine Walkowicz 16 Oct 2005


James K 16 Oct 2005

Fanbloodytastic!!!!Wonderful piece! Awesome work!!!

Terrell Smith-Dorfeo 27 Dec 2004

her poor wing! this is really beautiful work