Cheese Doodles and Magic Mushrooms

The entire title is "The Search for the Lost Cheese Doodles in the Land of the Magic Mushrooms". This painting was inspired by the movie "Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles. I kind of went a little bit crazy with this. We have eyeballs, chimmies (flying cichlids), yard gnomes, cheese doodles, magic mushrooms, gremlins, and a bunch of other stuff. You can read the entire short story at Oil, 20" x 16"

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jessica torrant 27 Sep 2006


Catherine Boley 14 Jan 2006

that's really fun and pretty.

Junji Takemoto 17 Mar 2005

great imagination... so cool

Devon Wilson 27 Nov 2004

hmmm...looks your dragons...

Amanda Hone 09 Sep 2004

Great title and wonderfully involved, exciting work.